“I have been a spray tan therapist for over five years and take great pride in creating the best spray tan for my clients. I first developed a love for tanning when I realised how confident and amazing it made me feel and wanted to be able to make people feel the same.”

“A spray tan can instantly make you feel rejuvenated”



Service Information

What I offer?

I offer a full body spray tanning service using the number 1 Sienna X branded tanning products



Benifits of Sienna X Sunless Tanning

A Sienna X sunless tan offers all the benefits of a natural tan, without the health risks associated with UV exposure.

  • Moisturising co-enzyme Q10 is and anti-aging ingredient that boasts proven results in leaving your skin healthy and nourished.
  • In just 8 hours you can achieve the same colour as if you’ve spent 10 days in the sun!
  • Quick Drying solution allows you to get dressed straight away.
  • The beautiful coconut fragrance means no fake-tan smells.

What is spray tanning? How does it work?

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a colourless sugar and the active ingredient in the guide coloured solution that will be sprayed onto your skin. Applied using a specialist low pressure spraying machine, the DHA in the solution interacts with the proteins and amino acids in the outer layer of your skin to produce a golden brown colour. The colour you see at the time of your treatment is purely a guide colour for your therapist to see that your skin is evenly covered. Your actual tan will have developed and will be revealed after you shower.

Is it Safe?

Yes, spray tanning is very safe! A Sienna X sunless tan can give you the same results as spending 10-14 days in the sun,but without the harmful effect of UV exposure. DHA has been approved by the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) for use in there personal care industry for over 30 years and no adverse affects have been reported other than minor skin irritations. Allergic reactions are extremely rare.

It’s all about you

I can offer you a bespoke tan based on your skin tone and occasion, whether you are looking for:

  • A just from holiday look and feel
  • A deep glow for a special night out
  • The perfect bridal or prom tan
  • A touch of colour

Need a tan fast?

I can ensure that you are ready for any last minute plans with Sienna X 1 hour express tan or Tonights The Night, an express tan which develops in just 2-4 hours. Last minute nights out no longer mean rushing to prepare, and with your flawless tan taken care of, you’ve more time to think about that perfect outfit.


What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent/Semi-Permanent Makeup is a cosmetic discipline aimed to improve and enhance women and mens looks. To be able to perform the Permanent Makeup treatments a specific device will be used with Biotek pigment that will be placed under the skin through micro-needles. Permanent Makeup is also known as Semi-Permanent Makeup because to keep the results of the treatment looking at its best. It’s necessary to get regular top ups. The most common and most requested treatments are the brows, lips and eyeliner.

When is it possible or not?

Safety is Marcella’s priority!

There are some cases when it’s good advise to postpone Permanent Makeup treatments or it’s even completely inadvisable to have them. Before your procedure you will be asked to sign informed consent. This document is essential as it will protect you an your practitioner.

Allergies – I use nitrile gloves rather than latex to ensure no reaction if you are allergic to latex. If you have severe allergies to heavy metals (for example nickel) it’s inadvisable to carry out the treatment. I use needles by Biotek, which are made of surgical steel, which is a very pure alloy, however still contains a small amount of nickel, therefore could create an allergic reaction.

Taking Medicines – Some medicines can interact with the colour of the pigment once implemented into the skin, for example they can cause eyebrow colour to not maintain its original colour. These medicines are: Antibiotics, Cortisone, Euthyrox and diabetes medicines taken on a high level. Other medicines interact with the duration of the treatment, in these cases Permanent Makeup will remain for mush less time inside the skin. These drugs are: Vessel Dilators, accelerating metabolism supplements.

Beauty Treatments – 30 days is the time necessary for the skin to rebuild and heal completely, so its always recommended to wait until the skin has healed completely before subjecting it to operations on the same area. Fillers – It is good practice to wait 30 days after your last filler before undergoing a Permanent Makeup session or vice versa. When having more invasive treatments such as laser or chemical peel it’s necessary to wait 2 to 5 months .

Medical treatments in progress – If you are undergoing treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, intake of immune suppressants or cortisone it’s always preferable to wait for the conclusion of this period and obtain written consent from your doctor authorising the treatment of Permanent Makeup.

Is it safe?

Biotek Semi-Permanent Makeup is the best ever for quality, results achieved and safety. Biotek has been producing all of its products in Italy for 31 years, in cooperation with the strictest European standards.

Over the years, as a small Italian company, Biotek has become the number one brand in the permanent world, proudly representing Italian excellence in the world. Relying on a professional who uses only Biotek products means to be always safe! Sure to receive a treatment in full compliance with hygiene standards, with CE certified equipment, a standard in Italy.

The entire Biotek production and training process are ISO 9001 certified.

Using a Biotek pigment means being able to choose from a range of over 160 shades. The medical operators have followed a special training and are getting closer to your phototype, so you will not face unpleasant colour changes.

Furthermore, they are aromatic amines, synthetic resins, parabens, heavy metals free and not tested on animals.

Will the procedure be painful?

Pain perception is totally subjective to each individual so it is very hard to quantify it. However the quality of the needle used contributes to making the treatment even more painless.

The quality of the material

Marcella will guarantee you perfect hygienic condition with disposable and sterile materials. All needles used are arranged in disposable hygienic modules to guarantee maximum hygiene and practicality. The needles are gamma ray sterilised with validated medical sterilization process. Marcella will always open the needle right in front of you.

What to expect immediately after your procedure?

The colour will appear much darker then your desired colour, this will take around 1 week to calm down. You will have swelling and mild Redness for a few days.

Tips From Marcella

Spray Tanning Aftercare

Advice to prepare and prolong your sunless tan

Before your tan:

  • Exfoliate using Sienna X Polishing Body Scrub the night before your tan. Pay particular attention to dry areas such as knees and elbows.
  • Paint nails and toenails.
  • Remove any unwanted hair 48 hours before your treatment.
  • Don’t moisturise or use perfume before your tan. Especially AVENO – it turns green during tan application.
  • No water or products on the skin, at least 6 hours before your spray tan appointment as this can act as a barrier.
  • Remove any unwanted hair 48 hours before your treatment.
  • No perfume, deodorant, oils or makeup on the day of the tan.
  • Remove contact lenses before your treatment to avoid contamination.
  • Bring loose dark clothing and flip-flops or loose-fitting shoes. Try and wear clothes that cover as much of your skin as possible. Tight clothing will cause the tan to rub off.

After your tan:

  • Leave the tan to develop for 8 hours. Shower using Sienna X Body Wash or NO body wash until the water runs clear and gently pat dry.
  • Avoid excessive, perspiring or getting wet during development.
  • Long baths or going swimming will fade your developed tan quicker.
  • Remember that a sunless tan does not protect you from the sun. Use SPF to avoid burning.
  • Wait 24 hours to moisturise for full-colour development.
  • Moisturise daily with Sienna X Radiance Balm to enhance your tan and prolong your colour.
  • Start exfoliating four to five days after your tan using Sienna X Polishing Body Scrub to encourage even fading.


How dark will I get?

I stock most of Sienna X extensive range of tanning solutions and will ensure to customise your ideal tan. Your tan results will depend on how well you tan naturally. The darker you tan in the sun the darker your Sienna X tan will be.

Your tan will last approximately 5-7 days depending on your daily skincare regime, lifestyle and if you have exfoliated well prior to you spray tan. A sunless tan fades just like a tan from the sun – so as your skin sheds dead cells, your tan will fade.

Will I still need to use sun protection?

Yes! I recommend using a sunscreen with a high SPF, however look for a formula which is oil free to prevent the tan from stripping.

Are sienna X products Vegan friendly?

Yes, Yes and YES!!!


My customer feedback has been amazing. Thank you all
I look forward to seeing you again soon.Marcella

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